Website administration.

Website administration means updating and adding new information on the website. This work is mandatory for each website owner. That is especially so in cases when a website should attract new customers or connect with old ones.
Because of the high competition on the Internet, a big amount of new material is coming all the time and the speed of updating the old one also should be good. Each website requires constant support from administrators. Immediately after the creation of the website, it should follow a stage of its administration and promotion. Website administration includes a set of activities aimed at maintaining the website, its modern appearance, and the relevance of information. This work can be divided into technical and informational. The technical part includes solving programming problems, while the informational part is responsible for content.
• Domain and hosting renewal
Domain renewal will not include hosting charges. Hosting is a separate thing and the domain name registration/renewal is separate. In order for the website to work continuously, you need to make sure that the domain name and hosting are paid on time. Site administrators should always keep track of payment deadlines, remind you about them in advance and help you make payments.
• Preparing and placing images
During the process of placing images and photos on the website, certain rules must be followed and all the materials should be prepared in advance. Any image should be of the highest possible quality with the smallest possible size. Ideally, each image must be compressed to 100-200 KB, depending on the size, so that the website pages load quickly, even on mobile devices. It is equally important that all images on the website are correctly displayed on any screens. To achieve this, images are assigned with parameters not in pixels, but in percentages with the maximum width specified.
Each image should be assigned with metadata: alt and title, which allow search robots to understand what is shown in the pictures. What will be written in them, and will be displayed on the website in case of blocking images by the browser. Metadata also allows people to find images in Google images. This often attracts new users to the website, which means that it increases the company's sales.
The more unique the images are, the higher their rating is and the rank of the website as a whole. Site administrators must make sure that the website has as many original images as possible, which have never been published before. If that is necessary, watermarks are applied to the photo. The company logo or website name on the photo will protect you from theft and protect your copyright. At the same time, if Internet users share a photo on social networks or other websites, those watermarks will be good advertising for your company.

• Writing and posting new articles
Writing articles is the most effective method of your website promotion. However, it is necessary to write articles properly and correctly. There are many requirements here, the most important of which are queries and uniqueness. Queries are those keywords and phrases that your potential customers enter in search engines to find your products and services. If articles are written correctly using these queries, the website's rating will grow. At the same time, the text of articles should be accessible to your potential and existing clients, that is, it should be written in their language.
The placement of new articles provides the correct display for search engines and attractive for users. For Google, when placing articles, it is necessary to register metadata: description and keywords and monitor the adaptability of the material. All images, text, and tables should be placed on any screen so that the user can easily view information only by scrolling down - without zooming in or shifting to the side of the page. At the same time, all materials should be in the same style as your website, attractive to the visitor’s eye and calling them for action: buy, order, read more news.
Besides, there are other things we can do in addition to these standard website operations. We can perform internal site optimization aimed at improving search engine results. And together with the work on website promotion, the Internet business will become a full-fledged source of income for the company.
• You have developed a great website, your Internet business is ready, but you don’t have enough time to administer the website?
• You have a lot of new information coming every month or even more often, that needs to be published on your website?
• Your company often change prices, add new samples of works, but you do not know how to publish them on your website.

You can order website administration services from our team right now!

Website administration is the next step that comes right after website development. Only through administration, your website will be alive, up-to-date, modern and fresh. With proper website administration, your site also will be automatically promoted.

As we already mentioned earlier, website administration is a set of activities to maintain the healthy appearance and relevance of the website.
By website performance, we mean its correct and stable operation without errors and interruptions. This means that:
• The website should always have good speed and load quickly, regardless of the number of people viewing it.
• All links on the website must be correct and when you click on them 404 error should never appear.
• When you enter the name of a website without www or with www in the address bar, the page is located on the Internet.
• The domain name and website hosting charges are paid on time, without delay.
• The website's CMS is updated as new versions are released - this protects the website from viruses and makes it meet modern requirements.

Our team provides website administration services both on a one-time basis and on a permanent basis.
To order your website administration right now or ask a question, please contact us by mail, phone or feedback form.
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